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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to develop a website / custom software solution. Where do I start?
With Us, a custom app development project starts with you preparing and then submitting a request for proposal, also referred to as an RFP. It will help us create a tailored, individualized response.
What is the budget generally needed? How do you estimate the cost of a software project?
The minimum project budget for our custom software development services makes €2,000. We are fair and transparent with pricing and are always open to negotiate the project cost with you.
How do you provide project estimates? What are the modes of communication that you use?
Our Team carries out scoping and estimation for our customers’ projects through the tools developed in-house. We can schedule a call, proceed with email communication, or stay in contact through any instant messenger convenient to you.
Where will your development team be located?
Our development teams are currently located in the offices in Estonia, Latvia, and also UK. We have been outsourcing our custom software development and support services for over 10 years now.
What are the average hourly rates for your developers and specialists?
We offer rates that are competitive with the industry average of €20-60, depending on the specialist. You can also send us an inquiry with a description of your project and we will guide you on the rates and opportunities more precisely.
Do you provide software development consulting services?
Yes. We provide custom software consulting services and helps improve the functioning of your business processes and existing software systems in your company.